Purple People Eater

 Purple People Eater

Good guess… but, you are wrong. This story is not about the children’s sing-a-long song, Flying Purple People Eater. But I’ll fess up, we do get to singing that song whenever our Purple People Eater is mentioned.

So just what am I referring to then with the title Purple People Eater? Aww come on now! You know I don’t like to jump straight into my titles and give it all away, straight way. After all, you know that my father was a fisherman and taught me how to fish. My baits are my titles to which I tease you on in. And now jiggle the title a little and tease you right on into the story of how the Purple People Eater came to stay with us. 😛

You see it all started about 5 months ago, when Hubby was working about an hour and a half away… one way. Our Astro mini-van had died, leaving him with the choice of our son’s ‘souped up‘, tail-finned Focus, or my beloved F-150 truck. As you can imagine with the gas prices the way they are these days, you pretty much know which he chose to drive. Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, but no, he did choose the Focus. And we were very thankful to have that option, that our very own loving main character from the story, The Showerhead ( a True Love Story) had provided for us.

So anyways, we were all very much aware that we would be stuck in this predicament for a time, being that the Astro’s problems just were not worth fixing. Never mind the time to fix it, is not available and hopefully won’t be for a while. What do I mean by that? Simple, we needed the work more. So with the plan of family pulling together and looking after each other. We plugged on. Each driving whatever would suit the need at the time. Meaning the Focus is taken for ‘normal’ work days and the truck for days to bring home straw or feed.

That is until the Focus started acting up.

Oh no! Now in-between long hours at work, and the Focus down and out, this means Hubby must drive the gas guzzler for a total of 3 hours a day! That’s just getting to and from work every day. And now in the darkening hours of the day, try to fix the Focus.

This cycle was starting to get to me. In the back of my mind, kept playing the idea, that despite the Focus being ‘family’ it’s just not right for us to drive it into the ground. After-all, I always believed that you should return something borrowed back in at least the same condition it was loaned out in. But how are we going to be able to buy the parts, fix the car and still save to buy ourselves a new to us car!!??

Well, thankfully, we can save money on the fact that the Super Hero knows how to fix the problem. And bit by bit, we were able to save and purchase the parts to fix the Focus. All the while this was taking place and with the limited knowledge I have in second-hand car shopping online, I did what the female species love to do. I went shopping!

Surfing daily on sites in our area. Punching in the makes and models that my ‘super hero’ loves. Clicking off the price to start at to the maximum I want to go. Then pulling up the ones that catch my attention, to review some more. Screening the how many kilometres there are. Making sure that it has minimal rust to ensure that it will pass a safety that way too. Day after day, after day. By now I’m adding to my watch list the cars that have been listed for quiet a while. And you know what… there’s one that keeps grabbing my attention.

 A Cavalier.

There is just nothing I can find wrong with this car! It has low mileage. No rust!! The ad claims it runs great and will pass a safety, as well as, still having a good e-test! But how in the world am I going to convince the Super Hero of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre that this PINK car is worth the $700 they are asking!!

Well, trust me, I know better than to present this to him without having a plan. And I knew that it was going to take all the mustering up, creativity I could think of and that’s just to get him to agree to look at it!

My first attempt, ran smoothly. I sold him on all the specs. And the price, but just as soon as he saw the picture, he slammed down a rimless dunk! No. And quietly walked away.

Bummer!, I thought. I just know this is the one. And I know why this is the one. It’s because it has been on the market for so long! Not because of anything mechanic, but only because of it’s color!

I had a plan.

I continued faithfully, watching, and surfing for a couple more weeks. Hubby too, was doing the same in the evenings when he was home. We were getting anxious. We needed something under a thousand which seriously narrows the market for us.

It was during one of my searches that I found an ad from a junk yard offering cash for your junk car, truck or van. And they’ll come and tow it away free!! How awesome is that! I talked with the boss (Super Hero), and we agreed to give them a call to come and get the Astro. They sent someone out the very next day! The man walked up to the Astro after we had finished our pleasantries. While he was doing his walk-a-bout around the Astro. I was speaking about how sad it is to see it go because I was so partial to it. We had looked after it well. The body and interior were beautiful. It had just died from being well used and time. The man must’ve agreed with me, because without any haggling, or dickering down the price. He gave me the highest price the company gives out for any vehicle. I know this because they advertise their prices. Pleased as I was, it was still bittersweet to see her go.

Hubby was completely impressed when he returned home and I showed him the cash! Even more so when I told him I bet I could pay cash for ‘that’ car. If, I said, that it runs like I suspect it does. He listened.

Just think I said. I bet it’s still listed because of other men’s egos. I bet there’s nothing wrong with the car what-so-ever. It’s only still for sale because of it’s color. Think about the statistics…If the car was black it has a high percentage of being pulled over, but how often do you see a pink car pulled over? And what do you think the statisics are for pink cars getting broke into? And if it’s really that bad for you to think of yourself driving it, you could always claim it’s the wife’s car. Or, you could paint it over. Just please, let’s go rule it out?

Call them up, he said.


It was a cold, windy day for viewing a car. The owners were not home, when we arrived. This gave the hubby a chance to give it a quiet look over. It was as the ad said. Clean with a tiny speck of rust that was so small it didn’t show in the pic. There was a small dent in the hood too, but overall he was impressed. The fact that it was a bit darker to the shade of purple in real life was a bonus too.

The owner finally showed. And brought out the keys to hand over to hubby to start her up. He jumped in, inserted the key cranked it over and……click. Oh my heart sank! He tried again….click. It’s got to be the battery I thought simultaneously as the owner who promptly popped the hood and checked the battery. A wiggle of this plug and that plug. Try again he hollered……click. Oh please I prayed, I know this is the car. After, a few more tries the owner, said. Wait a minute to prove it runs as good as I say it does. I’ll swap the battery for my trucks. We agreed to wait.

When the transfer was made. We climbed back in. I held my breath. Hubby turned the key and without hesitation we heard the perfect hum like a sewing machine! Oh music to my ears! A perfect hum! No knocks. No clicks, sputters, nothing that shouldn’t be!

A test drive was quickly approved. And just as I thought, it ran perfect. Hubby was so impressed we made an agreement between ourselves during the private test drive. Standing back in the drive, the men folk made small talk around the car. You know the kind. Joking about the color and how even the owner didn’t like to be seen in it. They would laugh and kick at the stones at their feet. Until I spoke up and made my offer of $500 cash now. There was little hesitation. He agreed if we took it now!

The papers came out. Ownership signed over in exchange for cash. And then the bellow came as Hubby looked over the ownership. What’s so funny I enquired? And with a big fat grin he said, the car isn’t pink! It’s purple! LOL Well sure enough, there in his hands, he was holding the proof! 1995 Cavalier, color: purple

He could live with purple. 🙂

It was later that night when sharing the good news with a brother of how we purchased with cash, and paid for, our new car with the cash given to us for the Astro, that the car got it’s name. Through the other end of the telephone line came another bellowing laughter saying …you all ride in the Flying Purple People Eater!!

(C) Mammy Oaklee


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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8 Responses to Purple People Eater

  1. Pat says:

    a valuable lesson in the art of persistence 🙂

  2. Mike Robbins says:

    What a funny and warming story, knowing full well God was with you showing you exactly what you needed. Superb work!!! It’s the one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater!!!!! Let’s all sing it!!!
    Keep upthe great work!!

  3. jenniferemlet says:

    Loved this cute, funny, heart warming story! Like Michael…. the song is now stuck in my head!! lol

  4. Great story! But now the song is stuck in my head! 🙂 (Wonder if I should now walk through the shop singing it…and if it will get stuck in my employees head too…LOL!)

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