Blankets Made With Love

I just couldn’t wrap my mind around what my sister was telling me online about this really ‘neat’ blanket she was making. Did you ever have one of those discussions where someone is describing something to you, and they are really excited about it? You are trying your best to share their enthusiasm but you find yourself getting all frustrated, because you just can’t grasp what they are saying. Well, this is where I found myself, when my sister was describing a ‘tie-blanket’ she was making. I by in no way blame her, after all, she couldn’t have discribed it anymore clearer than she did. I was just having one of those ‘brain-fart’ days, weeks, summer…oh my!

I have never heard of such a thing, and the brain was on summer holidays. If you want another excuse ….you know, being as how I live in the frozen north, and isolated to the world in my igloo! We only use bear-skins up here. Just kidding 😉

But seriously, when she said ‘tie-blanket’ and told me all you do is tie the two pieces together, I envisioned two ‘tye-dye’ pieces tied in a knot!  In my mind’s eye, I was getting a jumbled up mess! I know of quilts, crocheting, knitting and the likes, but not what she was trying to get through to me. It all just seemed too simple!

So, to keep myself from pulling my hair out over this ( and because I was too lazy to google it!), I stayed polite, and said that I looked forward to seeing it. Then, I was quick to  change the subject. Letting it all go in one ear and out the other! (and now Jen you know the rest of the story! Don’t worry Sis’ it gets better 😉

That summer, Jen and I had many more conversations since that one. Only one other time did she mention about those ‘tie-blankets’, and it was to ask about the guys favourite things, because she was making them some. The prints sounded exciting, but still the picture image I was seeing just wasn’t working for me.

Summer was drawing to a close, and the early morning frost was crunching under our feet. You could see your breath with every exhale, and with every inhale you can  feel refreshed with the cool, clean air. Despite nature preparing to rest for the winter, there is something that feels anew, and awaking. Something that you cannot quiet put your finger on, but you are alert to it just the same.

It’s time! It’s time to start counting down the days on the calendar. The day of packing up and heading south, to the campground, because there’s ‘something in the air’. There’s excitement in the air!

In what seemed like the blinking of the eye, because there’s always so much to do and not enough time, the day arrived to pack up the truck. Well, okay… the night arrived to pack up the truck. It seems that no matter what day we plan to leave, we always leave the night before. Blame the drivers! They can never seem to sleep until the after the hit the road and make the first nights stop. Who can blame them! 😉

Then there’s the long battle of trying to get a two-day trip done in one! Well, okay I’ll admit it… we have been getting better. We no longer take our pee-breaks in empty soda bottles. I guess some had to fess up that it was just too hard to train the dog that way! So now we get to play rock, paper, scissors, for who walks the dog, verses who get the gas-station, bathroom key first.  😛

All in all, we always arrive to our destination in a timely (record-breaking is more like it) manner. The doors to the truck fly open in excitement as the truck comes to a rolling stop. Everyone running in a scattered directions to see if their loved ones had arrived yet, myself included. Seeing each other only 1-3 times a year never seems to be enough!

As usual, there were only a few around. The die-hard, dependable workers, who because of them make everything run so smooth. My guys love to come early to join in that fun too. Truly, the word fun in a working topic belongs with this group. It really is fun to work with these people!

While everyone goes off to find how they can help, Hubby and I unload to get our temporary home set up. Then, he to is quick to be on his way to get dirty and help others, leaving me to do my thang in getting everything organized. This being my one and only chance, because when everyone gets here, it’s none stop bab-b’eh!

It was the second day, as I was coming back from the showers, and thinking about what the day held for us, that I spotted an enormous, plastic bag leaning against the door to our cabin. I couldn’t for the life of me, think of what it was, nor who would’ve left it there. After all, there wasn’t too many people who knew yet, that we were staying there, and there wasn’t anyone around who looked like they were watching the bag.

I slowed my pace down, to try to buy myself some time to figure out this mystery, before I got there. Can you believe it, I was actually experiencing a minor panic attack from the huge, intimidating, clear plastic bag leaning against our door unattended! I just could not figure out who, or why anyone would leave such a bag here.

Under my breath, I mentioned how glad I was that no one was around to witness the panic-stricken expression on my face, and the halted gait at the discovering of such a booby-trap. Then, bravely I approached this ever-increasing in size, colorful monster waiting at my door for me. BTW: I blame this on raging hormones 😛

(Yes, I can be very dramatic! Only other women with a creative flare would be nodding in understanding now. Which, when you think about it, would still be a huge chunk of the population! 😀 )

Are you serious! There was a note taped to the bag, addressed to our family!

Could it be! Inside this clear, plastic bag that look like one of those bags that would hold a king size bedding set, was what appeared to be the prints that Jen and I discussed months previous!! I couldn’t  pick up the bag, it was so heavy and bursting at it’s seems!

After throwing my bathroom stuff in the cabin and dragging in the monster bag, I peeled back the zipper, taking great care not to catch it on anything inside. A hard task to do. The bag wanted to burst open!

Soft, thick fleece sprung up with the bag open. Tears started to form as my memory kicked into high gear. The conversation my sister and I had in the summer, came flooding in as I grabbed the top blanket. A wonderful print of dogs, and the only print that wasn’t for the guys! With a quick flick it spread wide open revealing it’s wonderful large size, that could wrap myself from head to toe! My tie-blanket!

Oh, now I see what she was saying! These are wonderful!! And warm!! Cut in equal, 1 ” size strips all the way around the two pieces of fleece. And then, tie each strip in a knot, all the way around the blanket.

There were three more blankets in the bag, one for each of the guys. And each in a print, and color to match something about us. Wow!

The best blankets ever!

I could hardly wait to track Jen down, give her a huge hug and thank her!

The cool nights of the fall proved just how awesome these blankets are. Being that they are made doubling the fleece makes them extra cozy and extra warm. Everyone of us, will choose our special blankets over any comforter or blankets in the cupboards now.

It’s been over a year, since that booby-trap, monster of a bag secretly traumatized me, then made me cry tears of joy when revealing the blankets made with love. They are the best for everything a blanket would be used for. Whether we travel from the bedroom to the living room, you’ll find one of us snuggled in our blanket. In sickness, or in health, there’s always some comfort to be found in our blankets made with love. And the memory’s of the one that, that week, three of us we were able to make one together. That blanket too is dearly treasured, and goes on every trucker’s trip made.

Team Work Gift for a Special Trucker

And now, you all know the rest of the story of those blankets made with love.

(C) Mammy Oaklee


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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6 Responses to Blankets Made With Love

  1. Ken & Pat says:

    Thank you for describing so beautifully the warmth expressed in “Blankets Made With Love”. Ken was presented one of these lovely blankets last fall, which stays on the bed to warm our hearts during the cold winter. Your story brought out appreciative tears of joy!

  2. Elaine says:

    I have one those AWESOME blankets that we call our “sister” blankets. I use it on every cool/cold morning. I found the dog on it last night, he had pulled it off of the settee at the foot of the bed! I was not happy he was on it, but he knows a special blanket when he sees and feels one ;).

  3. I love and miss you all so much!! This story made me laugh and cry!! I really am happy those blankets serve you all so well! I have mine spread on the bed and when ever I need it I get it too! You described the story so well and beautifully!!

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