Are You Serious!? She’s Pregnant!!

Did you ever have one of those time of season’s where it felt like it was time to let go, time to fight, a time to weep and a time to break down all at the same time?! And it just seemed like the season would go on forever! Yep, you know the time I’m talking about. The hard growing times of life!

You begin to think to yourself, will things ever turn around? I can’t take one more hit of bad news… and then you do, and you break down. Seems like we always have to reach bottom before that season changes. Well, this is the season that Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre  just came through. And this one seemed awfully close to the last one!

It was like all the things that could go wrong, seemed to take the opportunity to join together to go wrong, all over the Heart of the BottomsUp. And I’m not talking little things, either.

There was the time, not long ago, that we decided it was greatly needed for the ”king” of this castle to take on a job of long-hauls. Long-hauls in the trucking world is great pay, and great for getting out of a financial pinch….. and great for single guys. It was the great for getting out of a financial pinch part, that we had decided to go this route, despite we all dreaded about it. The pay was needed and we had to do what was needed (or so we thought).

Work and Home in One
For a Week at a Time

We started off pretty good for the first few months. Some debt was getting paid off, and the tension cause from the debt was starting to loosen. We were also starting to learn to live to the fullest on the weekends as a family.  We did our best to live each moment together via texts, emails, late night phone calls throughout the week and we were working that to the max.  We thought we were doing pretty good, (or so we thought).

Many months went by, and despite the good pays and bills being paid, smiles seemed to be living only on weekends and the week seemed to become a blur until the next weekend. In hind-sight we were blind to a slow but ever steady death, until one day, some instruction about the farm was needed for one of the boys (actually men, but we still call them ‘boys’), but it was the wrong instruction to which was needed! (The Clue)

This led us to the call of a family meeting. Living the weeks in a blur only to come to life for a day and a half is not a family life, not to mention trying to follow a the leader who is not there but doing his best to be there. Still he knew very little of what was going on during the week. But who could blame him….right, no one. No one was to blame for any of it and yet, everything on The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre was falling apart! The washing machine sounds like it’s on the last legs. My truck is completely shot and needing a new engine (ohhh my truck!), the castle roof is being blown away with every wind, the coop is needing repairs and the computer crashed! Need I say more!

The wind tried but the foundation stayed strong.

Sounds like the solution is as simple as staying on the long haul, doesn’t? (you would think, but that would be wrong).  It ‘looks like’ with all those expensive things now needed, we would need more money to fix. Yes, we’ll need more money, or something to come our way. What, or how, was not known… yet.

We discovered that when you really think about the whole list of things that were going south, and place them in the proper order, the truck, the washing machine, the roof, and the computer were not at the top of the list, they’re just distractions. For what good are these, if the family isn’t working together?

Our priorities were wrong. The castle is falling apart in more ways than one. And through the family meeting this became more clear than ever. And the solution was given through the simplest way…..Eggs!

HaHa now don’t go jumping to a conculsions with the word ‘eggs’ and the title…it’s not those eggs 😉

You see, (and here’s the bonus side to leaving a place of employment on a ‘good’ note) my Super-Hero…’king’ of this castle, kept in touch with his ‘old’ bosse’s son, Junior. You see Junior just loves fresh chicken eggs (grin). They seem to be the only ones he can eat. So when my Super-Hero left, Junior’s eggs were not supplied, steadily. But when they were delivered the question was asked “When are you coming back?”

Ahhh yes! We knew the answer to that question now, don’t we 🙂 Junior is going to get his steady supply as he needs his eggs, and the king of this castle will get all the work he can handle to pay the bills AND be home every night!

We wasted no time letting the long-haul company know that we were leaving and giving notice. To our surprise, they counter offered a different run! And as tempting as it was, we turned it down having learned our lesson. Long-hauls are great……for single people, not families.

Having made the right decision, we were blessed with a full week together as a family, between the switching of jobs. And trust me, we used that whole week together in everything we did. Things that had been neglected were attended to. Things that need fixing, were fixed. The washer was fixed and the price equaled just time from the Super-Hero. The coop was the same, time. The truck? Well, we found a wonderful ‘new to us’ van at a good price which equals time to fix the truck 😀 The computer= gone ….but now the ‘king’ has his laptop at home for everyone use. And the castle roof… well we’ve signed a contract with someone who has potential to becoming a ‘good friend’ of the family! The family now equals us, altogether and all moving as one again. The smiles are back for everyday of the week and the weeks are no longer a blur 🙂 How awesome is that!?!

I know what you’re thinking…the title, right….well….

It was shortly, after that family meeting we had to get back on track and priorities in order, that the ‘king’ hollered out, “Hey Mammy, did you know that Mia is pregnant!?”  In disbelief I hollered back “NO! Are you serious!? She’s Pregnant!”  Yep, sure enough as the weeks were a blur and we had fallen victim of blind routine, our Lil’ Albert (who we thought was still too young) ‘scored a touch-down’ (as Bubba puts it) with Mia. And judging the looks has only two weeks to go until delivery!!

As quick as that, life on The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre picks up and continues to grow deeper into the dream we seek. In unity we are running smoothly again.


Well, as some of you know the transition back to the old / new job went smoothly. And for Mia…well the very morning I sat down to write this, May 9th, 2012, and just 3 feet behind me, she delivered 3 very healthy pups without even a sound!! She just pushed them out as I marveled in awesome wonderment…2 males and 1 female.

Three Beautiful Blessing!

Don’t you just love a happy ending 🙂


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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12 Responses to Are You Serious!? She’s Pregnant!!

  1. Sharen Prine says:

    What a heart-warming story! So happy that things have worked our so well for you and your family!

  2. Jean Brooks says:

    A really “feel good” story.Loved it!

  3. Ann Van Etten says:

    So happy for all of you!!!

  4. Mike Robbins says:

    🙂 another great read!!!!! wonderful blessings always come unexpectedly

  5. Ken & Pat says:

    So many times we get so caught up in what seems to be right that we miss the most important things in life-our family. Many thanks!

  6. Ginger Sorg says:


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