Operation: Get Mammy Good!

There’s not much that goes on here on The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre that I don’t know about. In fact it would be safe to say nothing happens here that I don’t know.

Some would think, ‘haha that is just because she is nosy, or snoopy’. I have even been accused of having spies! But you know what? There is no need of any of that for me, and no, I’m not psychic either. I just simply pay attention! CLOSE attention.

Yes, very little escapes the eyes, ears, and nose of this Mammy. And as any farmer will tell you, you just simply have to pay close attention to everything on the farm. From the dirt you grow in, the eggs about to hatch, to that one chicken that is sitting alone for some reason. Every thing has a story, and every story has a purpose. To the ones that pay attention it means growing the best, witnessing a birth, or saving a life. So, how much more would it mean when that attention is turned toward family?

Around here, with my attention at full alert on family, I can spot bad moods that haven’t erupted yet, tired ones that need a slow day, or someone who is trying to dodge my radar for some reason. The advantage of having my attention radar on full alert allows me to find out what is causing that bad mood and soothe it, recognise the tired one and carry some of his load, or keep a watchful eye on what’s up. There is much more to using the radar then I’ve stated, but you get the jest. Yes, the attention radar not only keeps a healthy farm but a healthy family also.


This story is about my son, Beau, who got me good, and what it takes to do just that despite my full alert radar.

It all started many months ago, when the parents were visiting on a Saturday as they often do, for dinner. You know, one of our many ‘family things’ to do. Well, shortly after they left, Beau came running in the house all excited about something. When I inquired what was up? He said, ‘nothing. I need The George and Pappy’.

Hmmm. (up goes radar)

Next, an all men, private meeting took place at the other end of the house.

Hmmm. (radar full alert) This is one of those ‘they’re up to something very unusual!’, I thought to myself.

When the meeting was over, I asked what was that all about? “Nothing” was the replied answer. (LOL yeah right! …okay then, let’s play the game ;), I thought).

With cunning patience, and my radar on alert, I waited for the slip up. Weeks went by, then a month!

Oh wow! They are getting good!

Finally, after about a month and a half, somebody lost track of the date. The question was asked aloud, ‘what is the date we are going again?’

Ah hah! got you I thought. Going where, was the next obvious question. They were forced to fess up! Turns out they were planning our first family vacation for a full weekend. My first vacation in over 20years!! How awesome is that!!

I was glad to have caught wind of this with still a month to go until the date they had planned, because there was much to do to get ready. After all, taking off for a weekend isn’t  easy for us as it is for most. For us we have to plan, in advance, for others to tend to and hunker down the farm on schedule. We cannot just leave our animals to fend for themselves, or the coyotes would have a feast too.

Then, there is the usual of booking a motel, setting aside adequate funds, and training my homestead-sitters (my parents), because the neighbour had his hands full at that date. All of which was pulled off perfectly in the end.

The date had finally arrive. I was so excited! My first family vacation! We were off to Niagara Falls, and on schedule to arrive at the check-in time for 5pm. Nothing fancy for some, but perfect for us. A clean, respectable motel with an indoor pool/and hot tub. We had planned to have dinner, pool time, relax time for the first night. Then, up bright and early to go to Marine Land…or, so I thought.

We arrived and barely got settled in our room, when Pappy said, “Alright, let’s go for dinner!’ Wow, he’s in a hurry. “Where do we want to go for dinner?” I asked.  “Oh, just around the corner.” was all I got.

Well folks, you would’ve heard a pin drop when we rounded that corner! I broke their long anticipated silence with a squeal of unexpected delight as we turned into my most favourite

A Must Go! Laughed until my cheeks hurt! And the food was delicious!

restaurant of my life!!  The best dinner theatre show ever, ‘Oh Canada Eh!’

“But how? You have to have reservations,” I inquired. “We do,” they proudly  announced.

Then, the whole truth and nothing but the truth was made known to me.

Remember that day Beau came running in the house way back when, and then, there was an all men meeting? Well, that is when the parents (Beau’s grand-parents) gave Beau the tickets to the show that he had (in secret) asked for them to help him get. You see, Beau does not have a credit card to order them on-line, so he asked his grand-parents for help. When he got them, he didn’t know what to do next. The reason he enlisted his Pappy and The George to help him pull off the rest of “Operation, Get Mammy Good.”

Tears were forming in my eyes and warmth was surrounding me as I thought about all he had done to pull this off. Then, as we waited for the doors to open, Beau came up to me and handed me a greeting card! “What is this?” I asked puzzled. (it’s not a birthday, anniversary, or anything?) “I just wanted you to know,” he simply said.

Immediately the tears released! I could barely see to read. ( and I can barely see to type this in remembrance!) This was inside the card. A hand-written note, word for word, in a beautiful card.


Thank you Mom

Mom I want you to know that I love you and I have a lot of thank yous.

Thank you for saving me like a shining knight in armour when I couldn’t defend myself.

Thank you for being my ‘doctor’ when I was ill or injured, or when I was having a seizure.

Thanks so much for bringing enjoyment to me by playing games and all those things.

Thank you Mom for being my teacher when No one wanted to be.

Oh ya, Thanks for giving me those fries when we went out 😉

Love, Beau



Yes, it was my special/exceptional/extraordinary child, who had grown into a man, who was responsible for planning the entire operation. He enlisted all the help he needed to pull off his plan/gift. He recognised something that most adults don’t, then he came up with the most unique, memorable way to say thank you. (Tears :’) )

People once said he couldn’t; I said, he could.  Maybe he didn’t on their time schedule, but he did on his. In my books, Beau, Well done! You exceed farther than what even they probably did. Keep going, my Son, Keep going!


BTW: We did go to Marine Land the next day and I went on all the spinning rides with the guys too! It was The George who said he wished he stopped 4 rides ago!  😛  Dizzy or not, we all felt great to act like kids again!! 😀


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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8 Responses to Operation: Get Mammy Good!

  1. Mike Robbins says:

    Superb story!!! What a sweet and caring son you have!!!! Great job, Beau!!!!

  2. Pat Westbrook says:

    😀 so very happy that it worked so wonderfully 😀

  3. That’s fantastic! And sounds like a well-deserved trip to a Mom who can accomplish so much!
    Sounds like Beau and the other fellas are pretty sneaky!

  4. A very sweet surprise story for a wonderful mom to a wonderful family! The thrill of happiness just radiates through the awesome life story!! Love it!! 🙂

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