And the Cold Wind Blows

Looking back over the summer ‘to-do’ list, I can smile and sigh. It has been a profitable summer to say the least! The run completed, the book completed,  two major things that were added on top of  the regular summer’s list of ‘to-dos’. But did you know there was a third major, and long sought for project on this list? Some of you, well, okay most of you do know. That’s right, we have been trying to get a new roof put on the old farm-house.

We have longed to get this done for 3 years now. No, really! A really bad wind storm came through here back then, and tore up our shingles pretty bad. Sooo why have we not fixed the roof before this, you might ask. Simple, it was 2 years before that, that we almost lost everything due to a 15 month unemployment, compliments of corporate bureaucracies, and so the dominoes fell, and the cold wind blows.

So as you can imagine, it takes a good while to come back from such a long and painful ordeal, but we are. ‘Can you imagine’ how we felt two years later, surviving the storm only to see our roof tore up, and no cash to fix it? Yeah, we were down, but not out!

The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre knows hardship well. We also know what is most important in life and that is staying together and fighting the good fight. We got through the unemployment thing, we will get through this roof thing, somehow. That is what we believe. Little did we know that for the next 3 years, with 3 long winters the cold wind blows.

Think of the excitement we had when this past spring came and we could finally add ‘new roof’ to our summertime to-do list. Yeah, we were that excited, and we already had someone lined up for the job. This person and his family had helped out Dad and Mom shortly after the story “Tragedy Struck the Hearts“, when they needed to move. He and his wife worked for approximately 2 weeks for them. Helping to sort things out and helping with the packing. The day of the move, Pappy and I had worked with him, and were greatly impressed with his work ethic. He would not quit for a break, or to eat, until the truck was unloaded and their stuff was all moved in. We were pleased and he was paid well.

It was during dinner and a few beers that we found out he was also a roofer! Experienced with installing steel roofs at that! Naturally, we wanted to hear more, and it was not long after that, that we set a time to meet to sign a contract and turn over the required amount to purchase the materials. Our patience is paying off, and our days of buckets set out to collect the leaks will  soon come to an end. No more worries of a bad roof as the cold wind blows.

The date was set, June 10, 2010. Ohhh don’t you know it!! We were counting down the days! We were told it was a one day job; two at the most depending if he had help. I prayed that it would not rain that particular day and it did not. It was a beautiful day to do a roof, but he did not show. He did not call. The day came and the day went, and the cold wind blows.

If I had to say only one thing  about Pappy, I would say that he can be very patient, but we don’t have time to go through the whole story that reveals just how patient he is. To cut a very long story short about being had by a roofer with excuses as far the eyes can see, and Pappy’s patience, let me just cut to the chase and say this story has not ended yet. The location has change though, and the last chapter will be played out in the courts of justice.  You see, Mammy might not be as patient as Pappy, but Mammy does keep records, even when the cold wind blows.

A new chapter of this story is starting. We are in the count down to the roofer’s season being over for another year, and we are seeing this through until the end…meaning, we have yet another roofer lined up. He has seen our roof and worked out a quote. We are signing the papers within a day or two.  We have seen his work and we like his work.

He said, he’ll be able to do this one day job, approximately in about two weeks from now, and guess what? We are excited! Will this be the chapter The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre has longed for? Or, will we continue to grow in patience and faith that God will protect us and continue to keep our roof over our heads for another year. I guess we will find out shortly. Meanwhile, the cold wind blows, but it does not shake us.


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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2 Responses to And the Cold Wind Blows

  1. A wise person once told me that we can’t decide the direction of the wind, but we can decide the direction of the sails. It sounds as if your ship is definitely navigating in the right direction, Mammy.

    Good luck with that ROOF! 😉
    Your friend,
    The Village Medicine Man

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