My But’ Hurts!

What do you do for a career? No, let me rephrase that. What do you do for a ‘living’? If you ask me, I would proudly say, I’m living my dreams! For my living, I am a wife, mother, farmer, and writer. I am busy 24/7 and I never seem to have enough time.

The pace of my ‘living’ is dictated around the needs of each job. Naturally, the pace is also, established around the seasons. For instance, in the summer time I feel like I need 5 of me to keep up! Everything is in full swing, and I am loving it!

Being outside and active with lots of fresh air helps a lot with health issues. Summertime is the best time for everyone. Then, as the season ends and fall begins, so must the weather change. The air gets heavy, damp, and we start to retreat indoors to stay warm and dry.

The needs outside are now few and quick to do. The needs inside are now plenty. I can turn my attention to more studying and planning for next years gardens and flocks, or maybe even venture into something new 😉 Then, there are the blogs, books, and social media to work at too.

This is when it begins, the fall and winter seasons of my ‘living’ my dream of being a writer, and my nightmare of a flat butt!

Writing has me sitting and ‘living’ my dream, ‘but’ what does that do to my butt/health?

Have you ever been so excited about something that you just could NOT stop until it was completed? This is me, as a writer. This is me, when I do all my planning. This is me, when I study. This is me well, you get the point. I get all excited about something and cannot stop until I am either exhausted or finished.

I will be writing and sitting for sooo long that my butt starts to hurt! Yet, I still push forward entering more ‘buts’ to my thinking, to continue until I am finished. But my butt is killing me now! So, for the sake of my butt I must learn how stop with the buts’ and learn BALANCE for the good of my health/butt 😉

Yes, I try to do some walking on my elliptical machine and some riding on the recumbent cycle, but I need to do more per day.  And yet, the more I want to do more, the more challenges seem to come against me on this. Somehow I get more tied to this chair working. Guess what happens? Yep, it’s a no brainer… health goes down. So despite eating and drinking (green smoothie challenge) to the best of my ability, it is just not enough balance.

Seems like I am in a vicious circle. I want to do, what I need to do for my health, but’ I am needed in so many other directions too. There are my other dreams too that come into play, like the needs of family. No matter where I turn there is a but’ to stop me from looking after my health.

I know, I know and you are right. Go ahead…say it, out loud even! BUT’ if you do not keep your health in a healthy balance first, how can you possibly live and look after all those dreams successfully! How can you look after your family and show them a healthier way? How can you have a clear head doing anything if half of you is always in pain?

And you know what? You are right. I cannot. So, what am I going to do about it, you ask? Well, I am proud to say, I already started with this post. This post pointed the finger at myself and was hard for me to write. So it actually forced me to stop and make a change. I did not sit down and write in a fury to get it done. I did do better with balance and exercise.

So in closing…when my buts start to creep in my mind and into my actions that are negative to my butt/health, that becomes a clear sign that I must stop what I am doing and go have a little fun, mix it up, and MOVE. No buts’ about it!

Does this make my butt look big?


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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2 Responses to My But’ Hurts!

  1. Thanks for the smiles! It was great…no butts about it! LOL!

  2. Pat Westbrook says:

    Tee hee hee. Ah living a dream is a beautiful thing and you’re right the “buts” getting right in there to finish a job once started, coming at a price of not caring for the one’s health or like me “the wanna be more healthy”. Thankfully when I read this I had just finished a healthy lunch and topping off with my coffee to be energize for the afternoon. Change takes effort but oh so worth it! Write On!

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