The Old Park Bench

The Old Park Bench

Splintered and carved old boards they are.

Many days they have done their part,

to carry the load for which they are,

the old park bench.

You sit down there on one side

with me on the other end I sighed.

Neither one will look like a friend,

until the time the tension ends.

Come sit with me for a while I say,

together we can share the day.

It might just be for a short time,

but then again we might dine.

Faded paint on wood in yellow,

Iron black rails to hold the ol’ fellow.

We could share the sunset n’ mellow

on the old park bench.

Sunset comes bringing the night air,

but I know that we will fare

together snuggled under that blanket there

for one last sight of the sun.

Who would have thought that the day could be

bringing together two strangers in perfect harmony,

just by sitting in quiet solitude

on the old park bench.

~ Mammy Oaklee


About Mammy Oaklee

A wife, mother, grand-mother, farmer and wrinkly ol' writer, who's finally got some roots planted in 'The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre.' A born and raised city-chick, who found many'a smiles where her heart had always longed to be, in the country. Digging in as close to the beginning of creations, and finding wonderment with a smile. I live my life as a rollar-coaster adventure, and always adding new dreams as old ones are full-filled. Of course, I write about it all!
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